Norman Quintero

Indicted on multiple counts of felony

Norman Quintero Indicted on multiple counts of felony

The self-described pastor, real estate broker, psychotherapist, and humanitarian, Norman Quintero, who was arrested on March 23, 2021, was arraigned June 21, 2021, in Orange County following a detailed criminal investigation of his involvement in the removal of tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of studio editing equipment, a grand piano, furnishings, and historic photographs from a film studio in Aliso Viejo. He faces two felony charges, one for grand theft and a second for receiving stolen property. He is expected to plead not guilty, a formality at this stage.

Quintero had unlawfully occupied a film studio until the Orange County Court ordered him to vacate the premises and the sheriff arrived to escort him off the premises. His criminal case number is 21HF1233. The court may review at his arraignment whether he will be remanded to custody while awaiting trial or be required to post further bail. Mr. Quintero previously posted bail in the amount of $458,000 on March 29, 2021, after several nights in jail.

Originating Court: Harbor – Newport Breach Facility